Jozi Republik’s range of services includes the following

• Branding: Embroidery & Printing (digital & screen)
• Manufacturing: Clothing, uniforms, jackets & high-visibility items
• Corporate clothing & gifts
• Protective wear
• Promotional items (including pull up banners & banner walls)
• Sportswear
• Cleaning chemicals
• Stationery
• Soft drinks & alcohol

All work is done in-house & we can meet all your branding requirements. We take pride in that we are able to customise almost any garment to your specifications. We continuously strive to be the best & the preferred supplier within the industry through:

• Delivering quality work
• Digitising expertise
• Competitive pricing
• Fast turnaround times
• Assisting with urgent requests
• Increased production capacity
• Operating 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Embroidery division only)
• Customisation – we can manufacture almost any item to your specifications
• Investing in the best technology: